Mind Twister: Masters EditionMind Twister is a mind-bending puzzle game like nothing you've seen before. You maneuver a 360 rotating board to line-up and dispose of colored blocks. A limited number of moves are allowed and a time limit provides a thrilling race against the clock. Puzzles get progressively more difficult as mechanics such as bombs, fire, lightning and ice are introduced. If you enjoy puzzles like Tetris, Sodoku or Bejeweled, you'll find Mind Twister to be exciting, challenging, and refreshingly original.

Download the shareware version free, or get the ultimate experience with Masters Edition!


 Shareware Masters Edition
Total Puzzles50125
Time Trial No Yes
Survivor Mode No Yes
Online Leaderboard No Yes
Puzzle Editor No Yes
6 x 6 Puzzles No Yes
Additional Blocks No Yes
Additional Themes No Yes
Cost Free $0.01
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Requirements: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Mind Twister 2010 - 2018 Achronism Studios